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Impressive victory for BONSILAGE

29.02.2016 - Silage competition "grass silage" of the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony


Within he grassland days in Harsefeld and Spole this February the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony nominated the winner of the silage competition 2015.


In both categories "grass silage 1th and 2nd cut" and "grass silage following cuts" the SCHAUMANN costumer Georg Harms, Saterland was awarded the fist place for his grass silage treated with BONSILAGE.

Additional four second places were distinguished which were silages treated with BONSILAGE. Altogether 6 out of 11 awarded grass silages were treated with BONSILAGE-ensilage-agent.


This great result shows once again the excellent effect of specialized Bonsilage- lactic acid bacteria.


In the silage competition 2015, approximately 550 silages have been evaluated in the categories "grass silage 1st and 2nd cut" and "grass silage following cuts". Silages with optimal DM- and energy content as well as best fermentation quality were distinguished.



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