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Silage additives, acids for preservation & Co. testing best practices

Measurably faster ensiling with BONSILAGE SPEED G

Bereits nach kurzer Siloreifezeit ist BONSILAGE SPEED G in der Lage, hohe Mengen an hefen- und schimmelpilzhemmender Essigsäure zu bilden. Mit dem Siliermittel behandelte Grassilagen überzeugen schon nach 2 Wochen Siloreifezeit durch aerobe Stabilität.

An extra portion of propylene glycol with BONSILAGE FIT G

Energy deficits, especially at the beginning of lactation, are a problem in dairy cattle farming. These deficits can be compensated by the use of BONSILAGE silage additives.

BONSILAGE-silage additives convince at silage competition of chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony

The 2017 silage competition of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture once again proved the strength of Europe's leading silage additive BONSILAGE. Grass silages treated with BONSILAGE came in first.

Best grades for BONSILAGE - silage competition in Lower Saxony

The chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony has awarded grass silages of high quality. Many farms were able to produce, despite adverse weather conditions, highquality forage and lay foundation for low feed costs, high animal health and best performances.

Silage competition of the chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony - impressive victory of BONSILAGE

The chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony organizes each year a silage competition to award the farms with the best fodder management or best silages.  This year the competition is a magnificent triumph for farmers which trust in BONSILAGE-products.

Field trials with BONSILAGE ALFA silage additive yield convincing results in regions with challenging ensiling conditions

This novel combination of lactic acid bacteria strains specifically matched to the complex silage conditions found when ensiling lucerne, clover and grass clover has impressed trial farms in Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Biological silage additive BONSILAGE PROTECT is shown to protect against Clostridia in the medium DM range

Farm-based studies confirm that BONSILAGE PROTECT provides efficient protection against Clostridia and silage heating in the medium DM range.