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RUMIVITAL - optimized ruminal fermentation

12.09.2014 - For an imporved nutrient conversion


The foundation of profitable milk production is performance-focused feeding and determination of rations. Depending on the forage quality employed, the digestibility of crude fiber varies greatly in the total ration.. Fiber fractions are compared to other crude nutrients less digestible and thereby less accessible.


With RUMIVTAL ISF Schaumann Forschung presents an innovative fermentation product to improve the nutrient conversion of feed rations in dairy cows. RUMIVITAL stimulates digestion fermentation of various carbohydrate fractions in ruminant, especially vegetable fibre and starch fractions. By increasing the ruminal fermentation performance the turnover of nutrients and the feeding can be better exploited.


Aim of use of RUMIVITAL is the positive effect on ruminant fermentation, to promote degradation of crude fiber and structural substances as well as starch fractions. With the improvement of the fibre digestion higher dry matter and thereby increased energy absorption is expected, which results in an increased feed efficiency.


Dairy cow feeding trials prove more efficient feed conversion and increased digestibility due to the use of RUMIVITAL.

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