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KALBI MILCH - now with AMINOTRACE trace elements

03.02.2014 - Everything a calf needs from its first day of life

From their first day of life, calves depend on an adequate supply of the trace elements manganese, copper, zinc and iron if they are to develop well. All calves are born with a deficit in these elements, which cannot be compensated even by using whole milk.


ISF Schaumann Research has confirmed that young calves are able to utilise organically bound AMINOTRACE trace elements substantially better.


Organically bound AMINOTRACE trace elements (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) are now contained in the KALBI MILCH milk replacers and KALBI milk supplements. They provide excellent solubility, optimum concentration and exceptional bioavailability, resulting in improved daily weight gain (plus 6 %), greater feed efficiency (plus 6 %), and increased vitality and performance.


The concentration of organically bound AMINOTRACE trace elements in KALBI MILCH products is scaled depending on the duration of the milk period. The shorter the milk period is, the higher-performing the products and the greater the concentration of AMINOTRACE trace elements (up to 100 % in early weaning products).


For further information on application depending on your specific needs, please contact a SCHAUMANN consultant or our head office:


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