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SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO – combination of specially selected monoglycerides in piglet trial

Increased live weight gain in piglet trail with SCHAUMACID PROTECT GRANULAT

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granule is an innovative new acid combination with high effectively monoglycerides (MCM) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in all phases of pig production. Piglet trials show an impressive positive effect to live weight gain and feed conversion.

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granule is a highly effective combination of various organic acids. The special and unique selection of MCM increases the effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.


The functionality of pathogenic cell membrane is reduced and the metabolism of unwanted bacteria is disturbed. MCM, odorless and tasteless, enables variable application quantity, without effect on the feed intake. The use of SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO also supports the intestinal health positively.

Experimental set up

At ISF SCHAUMANN Forschung the positive performance of the new SCHAUMANN acid combination SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO was proven. The new developed SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granule has shown the following performance data within a two-phase feeding: The daily weight gain and the feed conversion during test time.

Trial results

The daily weight gain increased in the first phase of piglet rearing from the 14th day about 8 % from 270 g to 294 g per day. During the whole experiment the group with SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granules achieved a daily gain of 515g per day, 4,5 % higher than the control group. In comparison to the control group, acid combination without MCM, the feed conversion ratio per kg growth was about 6 % reduced.

The use of SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granules creates more security and better performance in pig production.