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Company history

In 1938 H. Wilhelm Schaumann finds a way of extracting vitamin concentrates from cod liver oil and fish oil for use in agriculture. At that time farmers lacked high quality feed for their animals and fishery by-products were in plentiful supply. The young entrepreneur is successful.


In the coming decades, the company can look back on a remarkable milestones in its development.

"Phosphoral makes an impact"

Phosporal makes an impact!

Wilhelm Schaumann develops the innovative company concept:
Home-produced feedingstuffs supplemented with SCHAUMANN-products.









  • Establishment of the company



  • PHOSPHORAL – first feed-stuff for piglets
  • • Establishment of DURAG-Industrieelektronik

“The animal tells the truth, not the laboratory”

The Huelsenberg estate provides optimal conditions for field-based research!

The company acquires the Huelsenberg estate and turns it into an experimental station. At that time universities had insufficient animal housing capacity and animal numbers to make available for field trials. SCHAUMANN is now able to link together production and research and success follows quickly.








  • First edition of the journal “Tierernährung”, which was the forerunner of “Erfolg im Stall”



  • Acquisition of Gut Huelsenberg, which will become more and more the SCHAUMANN research center HUELSENBERG



  •  Beginning of SCHAUMANN consulting service

Moving forward towards modern animal production

Holstein-Frisians are imported

SCHAUMANN achieves substantial increases in milk yield by introducing the first cubicle shed for cows and crossing Holstein-Friesians with German Friesians (Schwarzbunte). In the years to follow SCHAUMANN participates in the development of caesarean delivery of SPF piglets and artificial insemination to establish the Huelsenberg Breeding Pig programme. The “Huelsenberger Gespraeche”, an interdisciplinary scientific workshop on progress in livestock production, is held for the first time. The H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation is established. Farmers will now recognize the SCHAUMANN colors and the SCHAUMANN-Logo. With „Erfolg im Stall“, SCHAUMANNS inhouse customer magazine, customers will get current information at regular intervals.



  • Subsidiary set up in Austria


  • Subsidiary set up in Switzerland


  • Beginning of the “Huelsenberger Gespräche” a scientific symposium held in a 2-year cycle


  • Establishment of UNION AGRICOLE HOLDING AG
  • The production plant in Hamburg was put into operation
  • Launch of the sow breeding program HÜLSENBERGER ZUCHTSCHWEINE


  • Establishment of the “H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation” to promote agricultural sciences


  • The company logo “Schaumann – breeds success” was born
  • Publication of the company’s magazine “Erfolg im Stall”
  • Development of SCHAUMANN hygienic programme

Investments and growth

The new feed mill in Taufkirchen, Austria
The productivity of agriculture is growing at an enormous rate. SCHAUMANN invests heavily in the years that follow: on one hand into production plants in Austria and Germany and on the other hand into research companies.









  • Acquisition of the feed mill in Taufkirchen (Upper Austria)


  • Construction of the administration building in Pinneberg


  • The SCHAUMANN-production plant in Feuchtwangen was put into operation

Research and technique

PC supported expert advice

Technological improvements accelerate progress:
Structures in counseling and research are improved. With the development of the PC supported expert advice and the establishment of an own research company SCHAUMANN starts into the new millennium.





  • Establishment of the ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG



  • Acquisition of HAKRA – Hanseatische Kraftfutterwerke in Hamburg



  • Organization of PC supported SCHAUMANN-expert advice



  • Development of the complex of active ingredients named BOVIN-S-KOMPLEX as a component of mineral feed for cattle

SCHAUMANN quality worldwide

The production plant Eilsleben is put into production
Certifications are effected in accordance with all major quality programs. PROVITA LE and the SCHAUMANN active ingredients BOVIN-S-KOMPLEX and ASS-CO-FERM are innovations in the cattle segment. Farmers can use our products worldwide due to our subsidiaries and affiliates. The company continues to grow.





  • The production plant Eilsleben is put into production


  • Subsidiary set up in the Czech Republic – SCHAUMANN CR s.r.o.
  • Subsidiary set up in Slovakia – SCHAUMANN slovensko
  • Acquisition of Lactosan Starterkulturen GmbH in Austria


  • Certification in accordance to EN ISO 9001
  • Development of the complex of active ingredients ASS-CO FERM as a component of mineral feed for cattle


  • Presentation of the new maternal line of the Huelsenberger Zuchtschweine (breeding pigs) “EUROC”


  • Development of the first SCHUAMNN-probiotic named PROVITA LE


  • Recertification according to EN ISO 9001
  • Certification in accordance to GMP


  • Subsidiary set up in Poland – SCHAUMANN Polska Spólka z.o.o
  • Development of the complex of active ingredients HERBAMIN as a component for pigs mineral feed

Microbiology for animals and plants

Winning of the Innovations Medal from the DLG (German Agricultural Society) for SILASIL ENERGY
SCHAUMANN takes over the lead through probiotics and becomes a partner of energy industry.
Combinations of homo- and heterofermentative lactic acid bacterias provide a basis for the unique biological silage additive BONSILAGE for ensiling forage. The development of SILASIL ENERGY, the first silage additive of energy corps, is awarded from the DLG as a forward-looking innovation.





  • Launch of the SCHAUMANN silage additive program BONSILAGE / SILASIL
  • Development of the complex of natural active ingredients HERBALAC for calves
  • Achievement of the Bio certification through AliconBioCert GmH for organically produced foodstuffs


  • Participation in the program “Offene Stalltür” in Bavaria with “A-Futter” as well as a participation on “Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH"


  • Introduction of the SCHAUMANN-probiotic BONVITAL


  • Establishment of the Ligrana GmbH
  • Introduction of the biological silage additive program Silasil Energy for energy crop silage for biogas production
  • Subsidiary set up in Hungary and France


  • Establishment of the company Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH in Germany.
  • Establishment of Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH&Co.KG in Austria and OOO Schaumann Agri in Russia


  • Construction of a biogas plant at Gut Huelsenberg


  • Subsidiary set up in Croatia – SCHAUMANN Agri d.o.o
  • Subsidiary set up in Ukraine – SCHAUMANN Agri UA

The future of SCHAUMANN is green

AMINOTRACE – Trace elements – organically bound

Topics such as resource conservation and sustainability get more and more importance - microeconomic and globally. With the establishment of the new Holdings ENBYCON and BIOTIC SCIENCE, the group manifests its activities in terms of renewable energy and biotechnology.






  • New product-program RINDAMAST for fattening bulls
  • Divestment of renewable energy and biotechnology into their own holding structures ENBYCON and BIOTIC SCIENCE
  • Setting up of the subsidiaries SCHAUMANN Romania, SCHAUMANN Italy and SCHAUMANN Agri Trading (Shanghai)


  • Development of the protein-rich feed component Ceravital for the appreciation of pig feed


  • Launch of AMINOTRACE – organic-bound trace elements, which are developed and produced from SCHAUMANN


  • Extensive modernization measures and the relocation of ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG leads to more focused and effective research and development work at Gut Huelsenberg


  • The cell protection complex ZELLPRO as an innovative active ingredient will be used in the feeding program for cattle.


  • Further development of the SGW factor for more safety, health and growth in calf rearing
  • Use of the active ingredient AKTIMAG in bull fattening for balanced animals through well-directed magnesium supply


  • Enlargement of the AMINOTRACE trace elements by AMINOTRACE-Lysinate copper and zinc


  • Relaunch of the BONSILAGE programme: BONSILAGE BASIC for measurably higher feed quality, BONSILAGE SPEED ensiles measurably faster and BONSILAGE FIT for measurably more cow fitness


  •  Mizi: Introduction of micronized zinc oxide. The mere mechanical processing of ZnO increases the surface area and activates the molecular structure. MiZi thus already shows additional functional properties in supplements in the area permitted by feed law, comparable to the effect of pharmacological dosages of ZnO
  • Rindavital Balance – rumen-protected amino acids for compatible high performance. They increase the conversion of used feed nitrogen, saves space, relieve the cow’s metabolism of the cow and improve the performance.
  • Relaunch of the SCHAUMANN-Logo