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Innovation - from research to practice

Innovative active agents

A special feature of SCHAUMANN products are the active ingredients, probiotics or combinations of acids and active ingredients developed by ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG.


SCHAUMANN active ingredients

Products in field test

SCHAUMANN products prove their performance every day in practice. Find out how to convince our farmers with best results.


Practice results cattle

Practice results pigs

Practice results ensiling & feed hygiene

Management tips

Often small acts can have a great effect. We provide you with the best tips on how to improve your workflow, or how to increase the profit contribution by  maintaining key datas.


Tips for cattle farming

Tips for pig farming


Innovative products

SCHAUMANN’s ongoing development work constantly gives rise to new products and product lines that have a positive impact on the animal and the farmer and achieve special recognition in the sector. Read more about SCHAUMANN’s innovative products here.


Products for cattle

Products for pigs

Products for ensiling and feed hygiene

Research results

New products undergo extensive trials to test their tolerance and unique benefits for animals and performance - in the lab, in our own practical tests and in independent research institutions. You can read the results here.


Research results - cattle
Research results -  pigs

Research results ensiling & feed hygiene