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ZELLPRO - New complex to protect cells against free radicals
19.12.2013 - ZELLPRO for dairy cows

ISF Schaumann Research has developed ZELLPRO, a cell protection complex based on the antioxidants vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium to assist in preventing oxidative stress in high-performance cows. The complex strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of infection and enhances performance.

DLG Image Barometer 2013
31.10.2013 - SCHAUMANN ranked top

SCHAUMANN has once again been awarded first place in the Livestock Breeding Resources category of the 18th annual Image Barometer of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society), consolidating its long-standing leadership.

Piglet rearing with CERAVITAL
13.08.2013 - recent research results

Piglet rearing is very demanding and requires high feed quality. The younger the piglets, the greater the demands regarding high digestibility of the feed components. Poorly digestible components weight down metabolism and connected with digestive disorders. In this case performance drops and losses increase particularly during the weaning phase and in the first few weeks of piglet feeding.

NEW: SCHAUMANN fattening poultry range
05.06.2013 - Mineral and active ingredient supplementation now with CERAVITAL

Improved feed efficiency and the targeted commitment of NSP-rich grain add to reduce the feed costs. To reduce the anti-nutritional effect of nutrition and NSP-fraction CERAVITAL,  by-product of soid state fermentation with fungi, was developed at SCHAUMANN-research .

SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN - on pasture and in the barn
16.04.2013 - Mineral and active ingredient supplementation now NEW with AMINOTRACE- trace elements

The organically bounded AMINOTRACE- trace elements are characterized by good solubility, optimal concnetration, stable complexes and a exceptional biological availability. This new innovation is now also in SCHAUMANN Lick block used.

BONSILAGE ALFA - a new silage additive for lucerne and grass clover silage
21.03.2013 - BONSILAGE ALFA - a novel combination of lactic acid bacteria

SCHAUMANN starts with a innovation in the saison of silage: BONSILAGE ALFA - a new combination of Lactic bacteria, especially for lucerne and grass clover silage

SCHAUMACID S - Feed acid against salmonella
07.02.2013 - New results confirm the immediate effect against salmonella

Salmonella endanger animals and people. Therefore, the prevention and the fight against Salmonella should be the focus of the hygiene management. A secure solution for Reduction of Salmonella is developed by SCHAUMANN, the liquid Feed acid SCHAUMACID S, whose high efficiency has been confirmed once again.