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Fattening mineral feed - NatuPig in fattening pigs

The new NatuPig product line increases the performance potential of the SCHAUMANN fattening mineral feeds and allows for lower soya-proportions in the diet - with all advantages for animals and the environment. 

BONSILAGE FIT M Measurably improved cow fitness and stability

BONSILAGE FIT M has the possibility of producing high amounts of propylene glycol in the silage. These has a very positive effect to the energy metabolism of the animals and improves insemination index and calving interval.

BONSILAGE ALFA convinces on farms

BONSILAGE ALFA combines various lactic acid bacteria strains, which have been specially adapted to difficult ensiling conditions of alfalfa, clover or clover grass. The biological silage additive is also proven on farms

Bonsilage Fit G converts sugar into propylene glycol

BONSILAGE FIT G balances energy deficits, especially at the beginning of lactation. The silage additives optimise the energy properties of the grass silages and provides for a high aerobic stability. This supports the metabolism of the cow.

Positive effects of MIZI in calf rearing

The innovative active ingredient MIZI proves in numerous investigations its efficacy in calf rearing. The daily weight gain during drinking trough period increases and the risk of diseases like diarrhoea and colic decreases.

MIZI reduce diarrhoea of weaning piglets

MIZI has proven its effectiveness against diarrhoea in weaned piglets in various studies. The SCHAUMANN active ingredient made of micronized zinc oxide (ZnO) offers safety in the critical weaning phase and helps to reduce performance losses.

Measurably faster ensiling with BONSILAGE SPEED G

Grass silages, treated with Bonsilage Speed G, convince through aerobic stability and optimal suppression of fermentation pests after 2 weeks silo ripening time.

BONSILAGE-silage additives convince at silage competition of chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony

The 2017 silage competition of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture once again proved the strength of Europe's leading silage additive BONSILAGE. Grass silages treated with BONSILAGE came in first.

TIRSANA BSK increases milk performance

A new trial shows that Tirsana BSK NG increases the milk performance. Especially at farms with automated milking systems, palatability of feed at the robots und balanced energy supply plays an important role for the performance of dairy herds.

Praxis trial: monoglycerides increase daily weight gain and improve feed conversion rate

Monoglycerides (MCM) support intestine health and encourage powerful, consistent growth of fattening pigs until the end of fattening period. Feed intake and conversion rate develop  positive.

RUMIVITAL®i - more performance from your feed

RUMIVITAL®i überzeugt beim Einsatz in einer Teil-TMR mit NFC-Werten im Grenzbereich (385 g NFC/kg TM), die durch das Ausgleichsfutter noch verschärft wurde. Aber auch in Voll-TMR-Rationen mit hohen NFC-Werten kann RUMIVITAL®i seine Wirksamkeit beweisen.

Best grades for BONSILAGE - silage competition in Lower Saxony

The chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony has awarded grass silages of high quality. Many farms were able to produce, despite adverse weather conditions, highquality forage and lay foundation for low feed costs, high animal health and best performances.

Silage competition of the chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony - impressive victory of BONSILAGE

The chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony organizes each year a silage competition to award the farms with the best fodder management or best silages.  This year the competition is a magnificent triumph for farmers which trust in BONSILAGE-products.

Fattening pigs trial: CERAVITAL increases profitability

A trial with 602 fattening pigs showed impressively the enhancement of daily weight gain as well as good feed conversion. Thus also showed the economic performance advantages through CERAVITAL.

SCHAUMALAC 50 PLASMA G - sow farm achieves better feed conversion in pig rearing

The results from a 450-sow herd confirm the effectiveness of SCHAUMALAC 50 PLASMA G. Higher daily weight gains, improved feed conversion and increased throughput guarantee the economic viability of pig rearing.

Biological silage additive BONSILAGE PROTECT is shown to protect against Clostridia in the medium DM range

Farm-based studies confirm that BONSILAGE PROTECT provides efficient protection against Clostridia and silage heating in the medium DM range.

SCHAUMA OMNI-S – Practical trial with 300 sows confirms improvements in fertility and vitality

Reports from the world of practice confirm it: SCHAUMA OMNI-S leads to more intensive oestrus behaviour and a higher conception rate. The positive effects of SCHAUMA OMNI-S have been documented in another practical trial.

Fattening bulls Comparison of basic and premium variants of RINDAMAST

The use of RINDAMAST products improves feed conversion, supports feed intake, increases daily weight gain and ensures well-balanced animals in general.