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Yet further confirmation: Ensiling with BONSILAGE SPEED G is measurably faster

The Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL) compared BONSILAGE SPEED G with another silage additive. Once again, the biological silage agent from SCHAUMANN gave impressive results.

MiCu – micronised copper
10.10.2019 - Using new concepts to make the most of copper’s qualities

Using new concepts to make the most of copper’s qualities The innovative agent MiCu promotes the health and performance of piglets without exceeding maximum levels.

Proven over long-term - Schaumann Agri and ODO "Asstor" celebrate 15 years of successful cooperation

In the course of the international agricultural and livestock exhibition Belagro Belfarm from 4th to 9th June, Schaumann Agri celebrated long-term cooperation with ODO "Astor" in Minsk.

New products in the SCHAUMANN acid range
24.04.2019 - 

With the reorganization of the SCHAUMACID acid program, SCHAUMANN combines proven concepts with innovations and findings from ISF Schaumann research.

MIZI - micronized zinc oxide for more performance in calf rearing

The innovative active ingridient MiZi improves the growth of calves during the feeding period and strengthens the immune system.

Relaunch of the SCHAUMANN-Logo

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the logo and the company's 80th birthday, Schaumann relaunched the well-known logo.

The new SCHAUMANN mineral feed program for pigs
17.10.2018 - three clearly structured mineral feed lines

SCHAUMANN has reorganised its pig program for sows, piglets and fattening pigs and has consolidated it into three clearly structured mineral feed product lines.

RINDAVITAL BALANCE - protected amino acids
17.10.2018 - high yields and well tolerated by the cow

RINDAVITAL BALANCE - the new on-top product offers an amino acid supply meeting the requirements and performance of dairy cattle while avoiding over consumption and ensuring optimal utilisation of the ration nitrogen and protein.

MiZi - the new companion for all piglets
17.10.2018 - Mikronisiertes Zinkoxid

Diarrhoea is one of the most common diseases in flatdeck piglets. But the new SCHAUMANN active ingredient MiZi from micro-ionised zinc oxide is showing promising results in practical trials. With 40 %, gastrointestinal diseases are among the most common reasons for using antibiotics in pig farming

An extra portion of propylene glycol with BONSILAGE FIT
31.01.2018 - measurably improved cow fitness

Silages treated with BONSILAGE FIT form up to 30 g more propylene glycol per kg dry matter. This is shown by studies by ISF Schaumann Forschung.

DLG-Imagebarometer 2017 – Schaumann continues to lead
05.12.2017 - 

As in previous years, Schaumann could defend the top position against the competitors.

Calf rearing - high daily gain-weight with Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinate
25.10.2017 - New trail confirms effects

SCHAUMANN uses exclusively new Aminotrace-Copper and Zinc-Bis-Lysinates in milk replacer and enhancer. The intelligent and modern combination of additives supports rearing of powerful and healthy calves.

BONSILAGE SPEED G – practical results confirm measurably faster ensiling
04.07.2017 - 

BONSILAGE SPEED G, SCHAUMANN’s innovative silage additive for accelerating silage maturity, has been on the market since spring 2017.

BONSILAGE. Measurably improved feed quality
21.03.2017 - 

The new BONSILAGE-range with BASIC-, SPEED and FIT-products offer for each silage sector a solution-oriented product.

DLG-Imagebarometer 2016
30.11.2016 - SCHAUMANN continues to lead

As in previous years, animal producers rated Schaumann 1st in the DLG Image Barometer survey.

Award for 60 years DLG-proven mixed feed quality
24.11.2016 - 

Die DLG zeichnete SCHAUMANN mit einer Sonderurkunde für seine 60-jährige Zugehörigkeit zum DLG-Gütezeichen für Mischfutter aus.

RUMIVITAL® i - The new active ingredient complex for high-starch, low-fibre rations
17.10.2016 - 

SCHAUMANN launches RUMIVITAL® i, an active ingredient that improves feed efficiency and thus optimises the performance obtained from staple feeds.

SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG - The innovative manipulable material for pigs
13.10.2016 - 

ISF Schaumann Research has developed SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG, an innovative manipulable lick for pigs (patent pending).

AMINOTRACE - A quantum leap in feeding

The use of amino acid chelates in animal feeds has increased in recent years. In this context, ISF Schaumann Research has developed its new AMINOTRACE group of active agents in cooperation with Clausthal Technical University.

SCHAUMA STABIL – stable intestine health for higher performance in pig production

The R & D of Schaumann has developed a highly efficient product for improvement and stabilization of intestine health.


Impressive victory for BONSILAGE
29.02.2016 - Silage competition "grass silage" of the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony

Within the grassland days in Harsefeld and Spole this February the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony nominated the winner of the silage competition 2015.

2015 DLG Image Barometer - SCHAUMANN continues to lead

As in previous years, animal producers rated SCHAUMANN 1st in the DLG Image Barometer survey.SCHAUMANN’s outstanding result is based on the company’s ongoing, targeted development of its innovative product range, its comprehensive expertise in all areas of animal and feed production, and its competent, customised technical consultancy.

24.11.2015 - Starter culture for fermenting liquid feed components

The use of fermented liquid feed plays an important role in supporting beneficial intestinal flora and digestive processes. SCHAUMANN has conducted intensive research into the fermentation of liquid feed components and has now added a new product to the SCHAUMALAC FEED PROTECT range.

The new SGW factor – the innovative growth formula for calf rearing

Diarrhoea is often observed in calves in the first days of life and can result in high losses and long-term developmental impairments. To prevent this, calves' digestion needs to be stabilised and harmful microorganisms suppressed. SCHAUMANN's new SGW factor provides for more safety, better health and stronger growth from day 1.

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO - A new, highly effective blend of organic acid
07.07.2015 - Trials conducted at Gut Hülsenberg confirm outstanding effect

The recently developed SCHAUMANN acid combination SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granulate is an innovative solution that includes various monoglycerides (MCM) with a strong effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

DLG-Image Barometer 2014
06.01.2015 - SCHAUMANN consolidate his longtime leading position

SCHAUMANN consolidate his longtime leading position at the DLG Image Barometer 2014. In the category feed and resources SCHAUMANN constrain the first place. Also this year the innovativ feeding concepts and production-know-how of SCHAUMANN were convincing.

PROFIDRY – the unique hygiene powder for profesionals

Unclean, humid and slippery farrowing nests are a big problem in piglet production. They offer pathogen germs optimal development opportunities. PROFIDRY, the new innovative hygiene powder of ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG, absorbs humidity and make a dry, nonslippery surface.

PROVITA LE for a quick, safe transition to rumination
24.09.2014 - Performance, efficiency and safety in calf rearing

Promoting the positive development of the intestinal flora is essential for successful calf rearing. Harmful microbes in the digestive tract have a negative impact on the intestinal flora, as they impair beneficial intestinal bacteria and thus the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls. The use of probiotics suppresses the development of undesirable harmful microbes in the digestive tract and promotes intestinal health.

Heat stress in diary cows
10.06.2014 - Targeted feeding helps prevent heat stress in dairy cows

Temperatures above 20°C, high humidity and reheating of feed rations – that’s all it takes for cows to suffer from heat stress. As a consequence, feed intake and fibre supply deteriorate, rumen health and metabolic efficiency suffer, blood glucose levels drops, and both milk yields and milk protein decrease.

International Conference of the Schaumann Agri Group

This year the international conference of the Schaumann Agri Group took place from 17th till 19th March 2014. Due the main topic "efficient - sustainable - economical" 77 prarticipants of 317 nations met for technical discussion.

KALBI MILCH - now with AMINOTRACE trace elements
03.02.2014 - Everything a calf needs from its first day of life

From their first day of life, calves depend on an adequate supply of the trace elements manganese, copper, zinc and iron if they are to develop well. All calves are born with a deficit in these elements, which cannot be compensated even by using whole milk.

10.04.2012 - The innovative development of organically bound trace elements

Trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, iron and iodine, are essential, i.e. vital, nutrients for animal organisms.

22.02.2012 - Special coordinated grass mixtures for forage cropping

Successful milk production is associated very closely with the growing of high quality for-age for the basic cow ration. Permanent pasture can be harvested for forage production, but also attractive is growing forage crops on arable land – and top production in this re-spect is available from the GREENSTAR forage mixtures from SCHAUMANN described here

Hülsenberg Estate: Website with virtual tour of our farming operations

The website gives visitors vivid, informative and comprehensive insights into our farming operators.

Gut Hülsenberg: With high lifetime performance to sustainable milk production

Economy and ecology are not mutually exclusive. In cooperation with BAES a case study of life cycle assessment has been created and the result are: The milk production in Gut Hülsenberg has significantly less impact on the environment than that of the average farm in Schleswig-Holstein.

Gut Hülsenberg – best conditions for cosistently high performance
26.03.2015 - Frauke with lifetime productivity of 100,000 kg milk

Currently 210 cows are placed at Gut Hülsenberg in the surrounding of Wahlstadt, which is distinguished by a constant high performance. Over the years the performance level has steadily increased and is currently at an average capacity of 11,873 kg milk with 3.91 % fat and 3.27 % protein.

Gut Hülsenberg: climate-friendly milk production
24.06.2014 - balance of greenhouse gas

Gut Hülsenberg operates a sustainable agricultural production. The main focus lies on the preparation of efficient, high-quality and safe products, the maintenance of competitiveness, as well as preservation of resources.