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H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation

By setting up the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation, SCHAUMANN has devoted itself to supporting the animal and agricultural sciences for the public benefit.


Charitable support through grants and donations


The Foundation promotes scientific research mainly by supporting the next generation of scientists through grants, subsidies and prizes, by organising specialist conferences in the animal and agricultural sciences and by awarding research funding.


The ‘Huelsenberger Gespraeche’ scientific forum


The most important event organised by the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation is the ‘Huelsenberger Gespraeche’: every two years the Foundation invites leading scientists to a three-day forum with a view to promoting the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas within the livestock production sciences.

More information about the Foundation and the conference proceedings for the Huelsenberger Gespraeche are available as a download from the Foundation’s website.


More information about the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation