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BC.ZYM M+- New enzyme product improves flowability of fermenter sludge

The novel enzyme formulation improves the flowability of fermenter contents and reduces extreme stresses on the stirring and pumping technology. Laboratory results from various institutes confirm the success of the research work.


Use in practice also demonstrates the significant increase in flowability of the fermenter sludge, especially in facilities with high dry matter content. The use of BC.ZYM M+ in a large number of biogas facilities shows that fermenter contents are mixed more thoroughly, over-flows function again, floating and settled layers and dead zones are avoided, the electricity consumption of pumps and agitators is reduced and, ultimately, the economic viability of the facility is increased.


The positive results obtained with the use of BC.ZYM M+ were reproduced in cooperation with the agitator manufacturer KSB. The agitation dynamics (torque and rotational speed) and the structural viscosity behaviour of the fermenter contents were recorded using a propeller viscosimeter. The quantitative analysis indicated a 37% improvement in flowability!


BC.ZYM M+ – The targeted combining of specific enzyme activities produces the biological solution to the problem of reducing technical difficulties in biogas facilities.


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