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SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG - The innovative manipulable material for pigs

13.10.2016 -


ISF Schaumann Research has developed SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG, an innovative manipulable lick for pigs (patent pending).


The lick mass consists of minerals, highly available magnesium glycinate and molasses, with organically bound magnesium supporting the objective of maintaining a stock of optimally balanced animals.


The particularly innovative sustainable packaging (patent pending) is designed for easy rationing. It comprises six pans that are connected to form a tray but can be easily separated along breaking joints. The pans, which are made of food-quality cellulose fibres or bio-materials based on maize or sugar cane, can also be used as manipulable materials.


The pans can simply be placed inside pens or inserted into cost-efficient holders, which can be made of plumbing pipes, for example. These are fitted with an opening at an age-appropriate height and can be easily refilled from above.


SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG offers the following main benefits:

• Easy to use
• Calming formulation
• Consistent attractiveness
• Manipulable by animals
• Sustainable packaging


The manipulable pig lick is accepted extremely well by pigs and improves animal wellbeing.


For further information please contact a SCHAUMANN consultant or our head office:
SCHAUMANN Agri International– An der Mühlenau 4 – 25421 Pinneberg
Telephone: +49 4101 218-5300
Facsimile: +49 4101 218-5399


SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG-Tray (schematical)
SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG-Halterung (schematisch)