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Schaumann News 2011

Target efficiency in poultry production
09.09.2011 - Liquid supplementary feed MELOVIT

Only healthy, vital poultry flocks guarantee profitable production. To keep the flock performing efficiently in critical situations or at times of high productivity, it is important to take targeted action via short-term administration of active ingredients in the drinking water. For this application, SCHAUMANN has developed the liquid supplementary feed MELOVIT. Its new combinations of active ingredients including trace elements and vitamins ensure lasting, stable performance.

BONSILAGE CCM ensures outstanding aerobic stability
22.08.2011 - Results from the latest 2011 trials at Haus Riswick confirm

The efficacy of BONSILAGE CCM was impressively confirmed in a trial at Haus Riswick experimental farm where CCM was treated with various silage additives and then ensiled over a 90-day period with fermentation acid levels and aerobic stability then measured.

SCHAUMACID S - Getting a firm grip on salmonella

SCHAUMACID S is a targeted enhancement of SCHAUMANN's tried and tested range of feed acids. The combination of short- and medium-chain acids has a broad spectrum of activity against salmonella and other gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.