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Innovative Products

CERAVITAL XP makes better use of the raw protein in feed

The excellent effect of CERAVITAL XP was proven in a study at the Gut Hülsenberg livestock farm. It was shown that the addition of CERAVITAL XP guarantees high daily weight gains and stable lean meat fractions.

Rindavital Balance – rumen-protected amino acids to ensure cow wellbeing and to stimulate high performance

The use of Rindavital Balance-products creates new possibilities on your farm: raw protein can be used more efficiently, which relieves the cow’s metabolism and provides more milk protein from the feed protein.

New product range of mineral feed for pigs

Schaumann lays the foundation for a modern, needs-based, resource conserving, animal health promoting and economical pig feeding with three clearly structured mineral feed lines.

SCHAUMANN ENERGY VITAL supports fertility and milk yield

SCHAUMANN ENERGY VITAL combines the proven properties of a rumen-protected fat with the innovative advantages of fertility-promoting omega-3 fatty acids. This improves insemination success at the beginning of lactation.

Bonsilage – silage additives. Market and innovation leader since 2000.

The innovative silage addivies of product group BONSILAGE BASIC, BONSILAGE SPEED and BONSILAGE FIT are adapted to all harvest and feeding situation.

SCHAUMA STABIL - stable intestine health for higher performance in pig production

The R & D of Schaumann has developed a high efficient product for improvement and stabilization of intestine health. To use in situation of stress for piglets, sows and fattening pigs.

The new SCHAUMANN hygiene powder PROFIDRY drains humidity stables

The use of hygiene powder as litter in stables for poultry and pigs optimize the result of regular cleaning and disinfection measures. SCHAUMANN now developed the new hygiene powder PROFIDRY.

SCHAUMASIL Product Range: Organic acids for cereal preservation

The preservation of cereals with acids is a proven method to prevent moulds and bacteria from developing in feed mixes, moist cereal grains and CCM.