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Research results

Calves feeding: higher daily intake with AMINOTRACE-BIS-LYSINATE

AMINOTRACE-COPPER-BIS-LYSINATE and AMINOTRACE-ZINC-BIS-LYSINATE combine the amino acid lysine with the trace elements copper and zinc. New trials at Gut Hülsenberg confirm the effect of AMINOTRACE-BIS-LYSINATE in calf rearing.


Monoglycerides - fatty acids with special effects

Medium chained monoglycerides of fatty acids (MCM) are the advancement of MCFA and show an even better effect on inhibition of bacteria growth in intestine.

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO – combination of specially selected monoglycerides in piglet trial

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granule is an innovative new acid combination with high effectively monoglycerides (MCM) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in all phases of pig production.

The effectivness of PROVITA LE is confirmed by the FH Bingen

A current trail with rearing calves confirms again the potential of PROVITA LE, the probiotic for calves. There could be observed a significant improvement in daily gains and feed conversion rate of the animals.

Improvements in performance with SCHAUMALAC PROTECT confirmed

A trial at the Futterkamp Training and Research Centre confirms the significant potential of MCFA in piglet rearing. Performance improvements can even be achieved at an already high level.

Effect of MCFA on performance parameters in piglet rearing

The use of free medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) is a future-oriented, low-cost solution for stabilising high-performance piglet feed. Positive practical experience is confirmed in a precision trial with weaners.

BONSILAGE puts more protein in the small intestine

BONSILAGE puts more protein in the small intestine. BONSILAGE improves the protein quality of grass silage with lasting effects. This finding is confirmed by the analytical results obtained by the University of Hohenheim in extensive trials.

Reliable feed hygiene with SCHAUMANN TMR products

The use of total mixed rations (TMR) in feed is part of the standard production routine on many dairy farms nowadays. The benefits in terms of manpower and the increased feed intake are just two of...