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AMINOTRACE - A quantum leap in feeding

The use of amino acid chelates in animal feeds has increased in recent years. In this context, ISF Schaumann Research has developed its new AMINOTRACE group of active agents in cooperation with Clausthal Technical University.


The organically bound AMINOTRACE trace elements support the precise, targeted feeding of livestock in keeping with animal needs. This has been confirmed in numerous feeding trials. AMINOTRACE improves absorption compared to trace elements from inorganic compounds and thus increases performance. Improved bioavailability additionally allows absolute contents in mineral feeds to be reduced.


The precisely defined quality of trace element compounds is particularly important in this context. This requires controlled, reliable production processes. SCHAUMANN has developed a chemical-physical process that delivers precisely the requisite highly effective and efficient trace element compounds.


SCHAUMANN launched the manufacture of glycinates of the four trace elements copper, manganese, zinc and iron several years ago. The company now additionally produces the unique AMINOTRACE-bis-lysinates with copper and zinc. These comprise a complex compound of a metal ion (in this case zinc or copper) and two ligands (lysine).


AMINOTRACE constitutes the way forward towards the use of organically bound trace elements of standardised, high quality.


For further information please contact a SCHAUMANN consultant or our head office:
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Download images - AMINOTRACE

AMINOTRACE-Bis_Lysinate (Zinc)
AMINOTRACE-Bis-Lysinate (Copper)