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Management tips

Silage management – high silage quality for best performance

High-quality forage  is the basic for successful and economic milk production. Especially decisive is correct silage management. Schaumann provides tips for optimal silage production management


Stable milk performance despite heat stress

High ambient temperature, intensive radiation and rising humidity are a challenge for the metabolism of dairy cows.  The consequences are lower milk performance with lower ingredients, reduced fertility and hoof health.

Boosting the productivity of your sows - feeding as a key management function

In the suckling period the foundations are laid for the development of the litter. During pregnancy it is important to make up for lost body mass ...

Colostrum supply - essential building block for successful calf rearing

The three most important basic principles in calf rearing are: “Fast, sufficient, and top quality”.

If you embrace these principles in your colostrum feeding plan, you will get your calves off to the best possible start and ensure fast, healthy development

Heat stress - preventing milk yield, fertility and health problems

High temperatures and high humidity in the summer can not only impact on the milk yield but also on the health and fertility of the cows. There are several things the farmer can do to prevent heat stress in the summer months.

Reducing salmonella in pig-keeping

By consistently applying good hygiene practices and feed measures, you can comply with the German Pig Salmonella Ordinance and optimise your salmonella status as a marketing and payment criterion.