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Continuous dialogue between research and practice’ is a guiding idea that SCHAUMANN has followed ever since the company was founded. In due course this guiding idea led to the founding of Irene Schaumann Forschungsgesellschaft mbH in 1984. In the course of its 25-year-plus existence the company, now known as ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG, has developed into a standalone division within the SCHAUMANN Group with two locations at Pinneberg and Wahlstedt.


First comes the idea, then the product


Based on the latest scientific research findings, a team of agricultural scientists develop principles aimed at optimising feeding and feed preservation concepts. Close collaboration with SCHAUMANN’s product management at the Pinneberg location guarantees the necessary customer feedback.


Research - in vitro and in vivo


The Wahlstedt location, with its specially trained chemists and microbiologists, concentrates on laboratory tests and research. ISF’s close proximity to the Huelsenberg Research Farm allows the practical application of product innovations to be tested straight away under controlled conditions. The broad spectrum of research ranges from feed analyses to research in the areas of feed preservation, silage technology, milk replacers and feed acids.


Special active ingredients and product lines for the SCHAUMANN Concept


SCHAUMANN benefits from ISF’s activities in the form of specially developed active ingredients and new product lines: a notable example is that of our own EU-wide licensed probiotics. The research unit’s other achievements include biological silage additives, specialised products for the TMR feeding strategy, the milk replacer range and the effective SCHAUMANN feed acids.


Microbiology research unit


In the area of microbiology ISF has been working closely with LACTOSAN, another SCHAUMANN Group company, since early 2006. LACTOSAN’s research unit gives access to additional laboratory facilities and a team of microbiologists.