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Quality Certifications

Quality marks such as QA, GMP +, CAT and ABCERT confirm compliance with essential quality requirements for SCHAUMANN by independent instruments. Their proof is for the company, as well as for its customers, the farmers, an important link in a chain of quality-oriented food production.

DLG quality mark

The German Agricultural Society (DLG eV) verifies mixed feed, silage additives, cleaners, disinfectants, udder hygiene and stable-disinfectants and awards the DLG quality label. The quality specifications are oriented to practical requirements and comply with the latest scientific findings.

For over 50 years SCHAUMANN undergoes with continuous success the high quality requirements of the regulations from the DLG quality label. Mineral feed, silage and various hygiene products carry the DLG quality label.

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

The GMP + Feed Safety Assurance (GMP + FSA) is an international standard to secure the pet food security in all elements of the animal feed chain.


For SCHAUMANN GMP + FSA is accepted standard for the production of compound feed, premixes and its trade and is confirmed by annual audits. GMP + has the approval of QA, A-fodder, ISO, HACCP.


GMP+ FSA data base: 

"non GMO" in accordance VLOG-standards

Annualy ABCERT AG certifiy the SCHAUMANN to the observance of EC-genetic engineering- implementing legislation and "NON GMO" standards for productions of associaion without genetic e.V. (VLOG).


ABCERT AG certify „non GMO“ in accordance with VLOG standards - Handel H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH

ABCERT AG certify „non GMO“ in accordance with VLOG standards - H. Wilhelm Schaumann Eilsleben GmbH

ABCERT AG certify „non GMO“ in accordance with VLOG standards - Schaumann Feuchtwangen GmbH & Co. KG

KAT – Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry Association


Provision of feed under the provisions of CAT - Association for Controlled Animal Husbandry Association SCHAUMANN is entitled to deliver with its certified products in the CAT system.




Participants of the KAT-System


provision of feedstuff for organic stock farmin according to EC-eco-regulation No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008 - controlled and certified by ABCERT AG, Esslingen (DE-ÖKO-006).

ACERT-eco certificate "trading" - Schaumann Agri International GmbH