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Schaumann News 2014

RUMIVITAL - optimized ruminal fermentation
12.09.2014 - For an imporved nutrient conversion

The foundation of profitable milk production is performance-focused feeding and determination of rations. Depending on the forage quality employed, the digestibility of crude fiber varies greatly in the total ration.. Fiber fractions are compared to other crude nutrients less digestible and thereby less accessible.

AKTIMAG - Specific supplementation of magnesium for balanced animals

The supply of magnesium plays an important role in livestock feeding. Magnesium is a valuable nutrient, which affects the stimulus transmission of nerve to muscle. An undersupply leads to hyperexcitability of nerves and nervousness of the animals. To minimize the resulting unrest, rank fights, aggressiveness the supply with magnesium is indispensable.

PROFIDRY – the unique hygiene powder for profesionals

Unclean, humid and slippery farrowing nests are a big problem in piglet production. They offer pathogen germs optimal development opportunities. PROFIDRY, the new innovative hygiene powder of ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG, absorbs humidity and make a dry, nonslippery surface.

PROVITA LE for a quick, safe transition to rumination
24.09.2014 - Performance, efficiency and safety in calf rearing

Promoting the positive development of the intestinal flora is essential for successful calf rearing. Harmful microbes in the digestive tract have a negative impact on the intestinal flora, as they impair beneficial intestinal bacteria and thus the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls. The use of probiotics suppresses the development of undesirable harmful microbes in the digestive tract and promotes intestinal health.

Heat stress in diary cows
10.06.2014 - Targeted feeding helps prevent heat stress in dairy cows

Temperatures above 20°C, high humidity and reheating of feed rations – that’s all it takes for cows to suffer from heat stress. As a consequence, feed intake and fibre supply deteriorate, rumen health and metabolic efficiency suffer, blood glucose levels drops, and both milk yields and milk protein decrease.

International Conference of the Schaumann Agri Group

This year the international conference of the Schaumann Agri Group took place from 17th till 19th March 2014. Due the main topic "efficient - sustainable - economical" 77 prarticipants of 317 nations met for technical discussion.

KALBI MILCH - now with AMINOTRACE trace elements
03.02.2014 - Everything a calf needs from its first day of life

From their first day of life, calves depend on an adequate supply of the trace elements manganese, copper, zinc and iron if they are to develop well. All calves are born with a deficit in these elements, which cannot be compensated even by using whole milk.