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Schaumann News 2016

DLG-Imagebarometer 2016
30.11.2016 - SCHAUMANN continues to lead

As in previous years, animal producers rated Schaumann 1st in the DLG Image Barometer survey.

Award for 60 years DLG-proven mixed feed quality

Die DLG zeichnete SCHAUMANN mit einer Sonderurkunde für seine 60-jährige Zugehörigkeit zum DLG-Gütezeichen für Mischfutter aus.

RUMIVITAL® i - The new active ingredient complex for high-starch, low-fibre rations

SCHAUMANN launches RUMIVITAL® i, an active ingredient that improves feed efficiency and thus optimises the performance obtained from staple feeds.

SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG - The innovative manipulable material for pigs

ISF Schaumann Research has developed SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG, an innovative manipulable lick for pigs (patent pending).

AMINOTRACE - A quantum leap in feeding

The use of amino acid chelates in animal feeds has increased in recent years. In this context, ISF Schaumann Research has developed its new AMINOTRACE group of active agents in cooperation with Clausthal Technical University.

SCHAUMA STABIL – stable intestine health for higher performance in pig production

The R & D of Schaumann has developed a highly efficient product for improvement and stabilization of intestine health.


Impressive victory for BONSILAGE
29.02.2016 - Silage competition "grass silage" of the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony

Within the grassland days in Harsefeld and Spole this February the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony nominated the winner of the silage competition 2015.