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KALBI TMR - dry TMR for calves

06.07.2012 - The dry TMR from SCHAUMANN for reliable calf rearing

The key to optimum rumen development in calves is the early intake of tasty and highly digestible basic fodder and concentrates. The use of a dry TMR has been tried and tested over many years and is confirmed by current test results.


Based on these results and extensive practical experience, SCHAUMANN has developed its new product KALBI TMR. This dry TMR combines short-chopped alfalfa hay, highly digestible concentrate components and KALVICIN PRO ATG (the high-grade mineral feed for calves) with the SCHAUMANN probiotic PROVITA LE and the organically bound trace elements AMINOTRACE and CERAVITAL to support the digestion of nutrients.


KALBI TMR provides ideal nutrition tailored to the needs of fast-growing, healthy calves. The change-over to the cow TMR takes place without a dip in growth. Daily weight gains were increased by a good 10% in the rearing of both male and female calves.


KALBI TMR is suitable for feeding from individual penning. During the main drinking phase, KALBI TMR is used in addition to milk. Towards the end of milk drinking it is blended with the cow TMR. The dosage quantity is 50 kg/calf.  


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