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Cattle products tested in field test

Positive effects of MIZI in calf rearing

The innovative active ingredient MIZI proves in numerous investigations its efficacy in calf rearing. The daily weight gain during drinking trough period increases and the risk of diseases like diarrhoea and colic decreases.

TIRSANA BSK increases milk performance

A new trial shows that Tirsana BSK NG increases the milk performance. Especially at farms with automated milking systems, palatability of feed at the robots und balanced energy supply plays an important role for the performance of dairy herds.

RUMIVITAL®i - more performance from your feed

RUMIVITAL®i überzeugt beim Einsatz in einer Teil-TMR mit NFC-Werten im Grenzbereich (385 g NFC/kg TM), die durch das Ausgleichsfutter noch verschärft wurde. Aber auch in Voll-TMR-Rationen mit hohen NFC-Werten kann RUMIVITAL®i seine Wirksamkeit beweisen.

RINDAMIN BP - the rumen buffer

RINDAMIN BP contains a special combination of three highly effective buffer substances that prevent excessive acidification. The result: stable feed intake with constant milk production and stable milk fat levels.

Fattening bulls Comparison of basic and premium variants of RINDAMAST

The use of RINDAMAST products improves feed conversion, supports feed intake, increases daily weight gain and ensures well-balanced animals in general.