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Management tips for pigs

Complete supplement for piglet rearing - Simply producing your own high-yield rations

A farm can produce its own feed mixes quickly and easily with just a few components. Particularly when weaning, the special requirements of the piglets needs to be taken into account.

Reducing salmonella in pig-keeping

By consistently applying good hygiene practices and feed measures, you can comply with the German Pig Salmonella Ordinance and optimise your salmonella status as a marketing and payment criterion.

Heat-related loss of performance in breeding sows? It doesn’t have to be that way!

High temperatures and high humidity in the summer often cause heat exhaustion in sows, a prolonged farrowing time, lack of milk and loss of body mass. There are several things the farmer can do to prevent heat stress in the summer months.

Boosting the productivity of your sows - feeding as a key management function

In the suckling period the foundations are laid for the development of the litter. During pregnancy it is important to make up for lost body mass ...