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SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN - on pasture and in the barn

16.04.2013 - Mineral and active ingredient supplementation now NEW with AMINOTRACE- trace elements


SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN Aminotrace, the organically bound trace elements developed by SCHAUMANN in collaboration with the Technical University of Clausthal, are high-performance products. They feature high solubility, optimal concentrations of trace elements, stable complexes and exceptional biological availability. This innovative development is now available with the SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN.  


High biological availability enables a Reduction of the added quantity and thus negative interactions with other trace elements are reduced and antagonistic effects would be reduced. The result is a balanced supply, high feed efficiency and reliable performance. The use of SCHAUMANN LEAK MASSES has therefore proven for years.


The supply of animals on pasture is affected by the seasonal fluctuation and specific properties of the location. In general, the nutrient requirements cannot fulfil just by the meadow.  Therefore the use of SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN has proven for years. The performance of dairy and suckler cows is stabilized and deficiency symptoms can be prevented. It is especially true in regard to calf health and the rising yield, to secure the supply of bulk and trace elements. 


 In the SCHAUMANN-LECKMASSEN are included the bulk elements calcium, phosphor, sodium and magnesium as well as an optimum amount of the trace elements zinc, manganese, copper, iodine and selenium.


SCHAUMANN LECKMASSEN are a practical addition to the conventional and organic agriculture. The combination of selected raw materials, high availability of vitamins and excellent acceptance at maximum rain stability ensures a perfect complement to the pasture.More information is available at your Schaumann consultant or directly at


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