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MIZI reduce diarrhoea of weaning piglets

MIZI has proven its effectiveness against diarrhoea in weaned piglets in various studies. The SCHAUMANN active ingredient made of micronized zinc oxide (ZnO) offers safety in the critical weaning phase and helps to reduce performance losses. Compared to conventional ZnO, the inhibitory effect of MIZI on E. coli is superior. MIZI was particularly convincing in the area of feed dosages permitted by feed law. 


Even at a dosage of 125 ppm, the active ingredient achieved a reduction in E. coli with the effect of 2,000 ppm conventional ZnO (see figure 1).


MIZI was also convincing in practical tests. Instead of conventional ZnO, MIZI was added to the complete feed of the test group (120 mg Zn/kg complete feed each). While in this group only up to 3 piglets per day with diarrhoea were noticeable, in the control group up to 24 out of 100 piglets were (see figure 2).


With almost the same feed intake, the piglets of the MIZI group also achieved an increase in daily live weight of approx. 25 %, which reduced the feed expenditure by approx. 20 % compared to the control group.

Effect of different dosage of zinc oxide (conventional or MIZI) to relative germ density of E.Coli after an incubation of 24 hours

diarrhoea frequency (number of piglets) in the first 14 days after weaning at the use of conventional zinc oxide or rather MIZI (respectively 120 mg Zinc/kg completed feed)