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BONSILAGE puts more protein in the small intestine

BONSILAGE PLUS for more usable crude protein in the small intestine

Studies at the University of Hohenheim into protein quality in grass silage confirm it: BONSILAGE PLUS increases the amount of bypass protein (UDP).

Protein quality of forage grass can be determined with a new analytical method

Recently, an extensive test method has made it possible to calculate the UDP content of silage. To do so, it is necessary to assign the vegetable protein by means of wet-chemical heating processes to certain fractions depending on their speed and...

Protein quality test results

As part of a large-scale trial, first-cut grass from permanent grassland was silaged by the field trial station in three dry matter ranges and two fertiliser variants, each with and without treatment with Bonsilage Plus.

More UDP saves expensive protein concentrates

As a consequence of the differences in the protein fractions, higher UDP proportions in the crude protein of approx. 2 to 6% are found for all trial variants, assuming an average rumen passage rate and average feed intake.


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The full report for our trial

All results, the method of analysis and background information on importance and efficiency of feed protein