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Innovative active ingredients

MiCu - Micronised copper for more safety in piglet breeding

The innovative agent MiCu, micronised copper from SCHAUMANN, promotes the health and performance of piglets without exceeding prescribed maximum quantities.

CERABAC inhibits pathogenic germs and stimulates immune defences

The probiotic CERABAC stabilizes the microflora and animal health of weaned piglets. The innovative active ingredient is particularly resistant due to the contained permanent spores of Bacillus subtilis.

CERAVITAL XP improves protein digestibility in pigs

The innovative active ingredient CERAVITAL XP makes optimum use of protein-rich feed. The innovative active ingridient increases the digestibility, ensures high perofmance and relieves the manure balance. 

MIZI – Micronized zinc oxide against calf and piglet diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is one of the most common disease in piglets and calves. The innovative active ingredient MIZI helps to prevent this.

RUMIVITAL optimizes ruminal fermentation and provides for an improved feed efficiency

With RUMIVITAL ISF Schaumann Forschung presents an innovative fermentation product to improve the nutrient conversion in the rumen of dairy cows.

AKTIMAG - organically bound magnesium with high bioavailability

SCHAUMANN developed with AKTIMAG high available magnesium. In a patented procedure, the mineral will be yield in a complex with two molecules of glycine. Thereby it remains stable in the digestive system and is highly available for the organism.

ZELLPRO for dairy cows - new complex to protect cells against free radicals

ISF Schaumann Research has developed ZELLPRO, a cell protection complex based on the antioxidants vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium to assist in preventing oxidative stress in high-performance cows.

AMINOTRACE - The innovative development of organically bound trace elements

AMINOTRACE, the organically bound trace elements produced by SCHAUMANN, are high performance products.

CERAVITAL – High-protein feed component for enriching pig feed

The use of CERAVITAL boosts gelatinisation of the NSP fractions in the feed mixes and improves nutrient digestibility.

ASS-CO FERM - Live yeasts and probiotics for the rumen metabolism

ASS-CO FERM is a probiotic combination with live yeasts and other active substances that stabilises the rumen metabolism. It improves health and increases milk yields and feed intake.

SGW – Active ingredient combination for safety, health and growth in the rearing of calves

SGW-Faktor is an innovative complex of active ingredients which has positive effects on intestinal activity and thus improves safety, health and growth in the rearing of calves.

PROVITA LE – The SCHAUMANN probiotic for calves

PROVITA LE is a combination of two highly effective lactobacillus strains. It inhibits pathogenic germs and strengthens the desirable microflora in the intestinal tract of young calves.

BOVIN-S-KOMPLEX – Vitamin trace element combination for cattle

The special vitamin/trace element combination BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX optimises the feeding of dairy cattle, especially with the use of high protein feed with a high protein degradation rate (85% and more), such as pasture grass and grass silage.

BONVITAL – the probiotic feed additive

BONVITAL is an exclusive development arising from SCHAUMANN research and is the probiotic alternative for reliable performance in broiler fattening and pig production - from sow to piglet to fattening pig.