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International Conference of the Schaumann Agri Group

participants of international Conference of Schaumann Agri Group

This year the international conference of the Schaumann Agri Group took place from 17th till the 19th of March 2014. Due the main topic “efficient – sustainable – economical” 77 participants of 37 nations met for technical discussion.


After the opening speech of Dr. Johann Hammerer (Managing Director Schaumann Agri international and Agri Austria), Rudolf Buchleitner (Chairman of the Union Agricole Holding) gave an overview of the concern’s general developments. Dr. Edmund Mathies (boarder member ofUnion Agricole Holding, R&D) described the current projects and product developments.


Dr. Martin Rimbach (Managing Director of the ISF Schaumann research and development) presented activities focusin on development of in-house active substances. Dr. Rimbach managed to present this complex topic in a very clear and intelligible manner.


Finally Rudolf Buchleitner and Dr. Johann Hammerer distinguished long-term partners for their good co-operation.


The main issue in the morning of the second day was cattle feeding. Dr. Torben Liermann (ISF Schaumann research ruminants) gave an overview to current topics of dairy nutrition. Dr. Walter Kramer (managing director of Lactosan) described the current research activities of Lactosan with the focus on silage additives. Dr. Kramer succeeded in connecting basic research with practical application in a very clear way. Edward Ensing (Barenbrug Holland) reported the sales activities and use of Bonsilage in the Netherland.


In the afternoon – another highlight of the converence - the visit of “Gut Hülsenberg”. The new laboratory and trail stables of the ISF, the new dairy farm and the new biogas plant impressed all participants.


On the third conference day, Dr. Leonhard Raab (ISF research - ruminants) gave an overview of the Schaumann product programs in the cattle feeding with the main focus on the effect of organically bounded “Aminotrace” trace elements.


Dr. Ewald Kramer showed the advantages of the Schaumann products in the field of the feed conservation and fermentation. Moreover he confirmed the competitiveness of Schaumann products on the market.


Concluding Dr. Johann Hammerer underlined the importance of working together in a constructive atmosphere. The worldwide development within the sector of animal nutrition poses a major challenge to the partners and enterprises of the Schaumann Agri group.


The informative and motivating congress ended with a tour in the harbor of Hamburg.

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