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Use of environmentally friendly packaging

SCHAUMANN is careful to select packaging materials that are made of raw materials permitted for animal feeds and plant nutrition and at the same time prevent contamination of the environment. Packaging is reconditioned and returned to the production cycle as far as possible to minimise environmental impacts, and materials are otherwise recycled via the Green Dot system.


Liquid SCHAUMANN products are, for example, distributed in cans, barrels or IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). Cans and barrels can be recycled via the Green Dot system, while IBCs are additionally reconditioned for reuse. Reconditioning of packaging materials entails automated cleaning both inside and outside before the packaging is returned to the production cycle. Currently about 25% of IBCs brought into circulation are returned for cleaning. In the future, targeted campaigns will be conducted to encourage customers to return more IBCs to SCHAUMANN for reconditioning in order to promote the reuse of packaging materials.


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