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Piglet rearing with CERAVITAL

13.08.2013 - recent research results


Piglet rearing is very demanding and requires high feed quality. The younger the piglets, the greater the demands regarding high digestibility of the feed components. Poorly digestible components weight down metabolism and connected with digestive disorders. In this case performance drops and losses increase particularly during the weaning phase and in the first few weeks of piglet feeding.


Selection of highly digestible components is essential for successful piglet feeding. In addition the use of CERAVITAL, a fermentation product, substantially optimises piglet feeding. CERAVITAL acts specifically to support the animals metabolic function by breaking down poorly digestible carbohydrate components (crude fibre), improve the convertion of  plant protein and increase fat digestion. For these reasons, CERAVITAL is a standard ingredient for Schaumann piglet products SCHAUMANN products for piglet feeding.


A recent trial conducted at the Futterkamp Teaching and Experimental Centre in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) has confirmed that CERAVITAL offers great potential for increasing performance. SCHAUMA-FRÜH and SCHAUMA-FA II, two proven products for piglet rearing, were tested with and without CERAVITAL in a two-phase piglet rearing. In the first two weeks of rearing, the CERAVITAL group achieved a 12 % higher growth and 9 % higher feed conversion, with almost identical daily feed intakes. At the end of the feeding trial, the CERAVITAL group reached in average weights of 0.4 kg above the control group with identical feed quantities and start, housing weights. With current earnings and feed costs, this measurable effect represents a benefit of € 0.70 per piglet.


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