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SCHAUMANN - Sustainable success in animal production

SCHAUMANN is synonymous with progress and innovation. Since the company was founded, it has consistently demonstrated its commitment to protecting the livelihood of future generations. The development of innovative products and sustainable production processes therefore forms an integral aspect of our corporate strategy.


Sustainability management applies to the aspects of energy & climate, profitability, social responsibility and animal welfare. The aim is to utilise available resources even more efficiently, within both SCHAUMANN and our customers, and at the same time to act in an ecologically sound and socially responsible manner.

Protection of energy and climate

An ecologically prudent, efficient approach means above all that resources are utilised responsibly while minimising emissions. Our company implements this goal not only throughout its own processes, but also in supporting our customers’ agricultural production:


  • Certified energy management system for lower energy consumption
  • Climate-friendly milk and biogas production at Hülsenberg Estate
  • Use of environmentally friendly packaging
  • Use of highly available raw materials for a minimal environmental footprint

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SCHAUMANN’s priority is, above all, our customers’ profitability. Our comprehensive product range contributes to increasing yields in animal production while reducing the use of resources. At the same time we also aim to increase our own company’s efficiency through technological progress and innovation.


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Social responsibility

As a family-owned agricultural company, SCHAUMANN is fully aware of its social responsibility towards the agricultural community and its own employees.


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Animal welfare

Animal welfare plays a central role for SCHAUMANN, in addition to ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Animal health in particular is a top priority.
A large number of active agents developed and manufactured by SCHAUMANN have demonstrated positive effects on animal health.



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SCHAUMANN management for sustainability

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