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SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO - A new, highly effective blend of organic acid

07.07.2015 - Trials conducted at Gut Hülsenberg confirm outstanding effect


Feed hygiene in pig production means maintaining, promoting and protecting animals’ health with the aim of increasing their performance through improved health. Various acids such as formic, propionic, lactic and benzoic acid as well as medium-chain fatty acids have very different spectrums of effects. It is only in combination that these acids allow their broad ranges of effects and their various points of action in feed and the gastro-intestinal tract to be fully harnessed.

The recently developed SCHAUMANN acid combination SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granulate is an innovative solution that includes various monoglycerides (MCM) with a strong effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The unique combination of organic acids with bland, odourless MCM effectively supports feed hygiene, the immune system and digestion. SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granulate can be flexibly used throughout all stages of pig production.

A piglet rearing trial conducted by ISF Schaumann Forschung on Gut Hülsenberg impressively confirmed the high performance of SCHAUMANN’s new combination of acids. Daily weight gain increased by 4.5% to 515 g, while feed input per kg weight gain was reduced by 6.0%.

SCHAUMACID PROTECT MONO granulate is a highly effective innovation in the feed acid segment that stands out through its powerful inhibition of bacteria and optimisation of the gastro-intestinal flora.


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