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Forward-looking investments in research & development

Of course SCHAUMANN also pursues its own profitability. Working towards achieving reliable, efficient production processes while continuously reducing costs supports the company’s long-term success. The SCHAUMANN Group continues to invest in forward-looking research and development of new products.


Research and development through ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG


ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG is the Group’s core research and development body. ISF works with several expert teams as well as with leading research institutions to develop novel, innovative SCHAUMANN products through a range of projects.


Practical agricultural testing at the Hülsenberg Estate farm


The Group’s Hülsenberg Estate comprises a range of operational farming units and biogas plants. In recent years, SCHAUMANN has substantially invested in the modernisation of Hülsenberg Estate in order to keep the farm in line with state-of-the-art agricultural practice. As a result, Hülsenberg Estate offers high-quality barns and biogas plants and thus provides optimum conditions for practical tests.


Laboratories with sophisticated technology and close integration with practical testing


The new laboratory building at Hülsenberg Estate additionally provides an optimum working environment for ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG through its close integration with practical farming operations and state-of-the-art analysis technologies. Product innovations developed in the laboratory can be tested for their suitability for practical application under real production conditions at the Estate.


Use of laboratory data for tailor-made customer advice


The laboratories not only conduct analyses for the development of new and existing products, but are also used to provide tailor-made advice to customers. Silage samples are, for example, analysed in the laboratories to provide a sound basis for customer advice and to support farmers’ problem-solving processes effectively.


Ongoing investment ensures continuous quality assurance of products and supports the development of pioneering products and the continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of SCHAUMANN products.


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