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Corporate Group News 2015

Hülsenberg Estate: Website with virtual tour of our farming operations

The website gives visitors vivid, informative and comprehensive insights into our farming operators.

Gut Hülsenberg: With high lifetime performance to sustainable milk production

Economy and ecology are not mutually exclusive. In cooperation with BAES a case study of life cycle assessment has been created and the result are: The milk production in Gut Hülsenberg has significantly less impact on the environment than that of the average farm in Schleswig-Holstein.

Gut Hülsenberg – best conditions for cosistently high performance
26.03.2015 - Frauke with lifetime productivity of 100,000 kg milk

Currently 210 cows are placed at Gut Hülsenberg in the surrounding of Wahlstadt, which is distinguished by a constant high performance. Over the years the performance level has steadily increased and is currently at an average capacity of 11,873 kg milk with 3.91 % fat and 3.27 % protein.