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Schaumann News 2018

Relaunch of the SCHAUMANN-Logo

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the logo and the company's 80th birthday, Schaumann relaunched the well-known logo.

The new SCHAUMANN mineral feed program for pigs
17.10.2018 - three clearly structured mineral feed lines

SCHAUMANN has reorganised its pig program for sows, piglets and fattening pigs and has consolidated it into three clearly structured mineral feed product lines.

RINDAVITAL BALANCE - protected amino acids
17.10.2018 - high yields and well tolerated by the cow

RINDAVITAL BALANCE - the new on-top product offers an amino acid supply meeting the requirements and performance of dairy cattle while avoiding over consumption and ensuring optimal utilisation of the ration nitrogen and protein.

MiZi - the new companion for all piglets
17.10.2018 - Mikronisiertes Zinkoxid

Diarrhoea is one of the most common diseases in flatdeck piglets. But the new SCHAUMANN active ingredient MiZi from micro-ionised zinc oxide is showing promising results in practical trials. With 40 %, gastrointestinal diseases are among the most common reasons for using antibiotics in pig farming

An extra portion of propylene glycol with BONSILAGE FIT
31.01.2018 - measurably improved cow fitness

Silages treated with BONSILAGE FIT form up to 30 g more propylene glycol per kg dry matter. This is shown by studies by ISF Schaumann Forschung.