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KALBI TMR - dry TMR for calves
06.07.2012 - The dry TMR from SCHAUMANN for reliable calf rearing

The key to optimum rumen development in calves is the early intake of tasty and highly digestible basic fodder and concentrates. The use of a dry TMR has been tried and tested over many years and is confirmed by current test results.

Tirsana 1312 - Liver protection at the start of lactation

The onset of lactation is associated with major challenges for high-yielding cows. As a rule, feed intake can barely keep pace with the soaring demand for energy.  

10.04.2012 - The innovative development of organically bound trace elements

Trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, iron and iodine, are essential, i.e. vital, nutrients for animal organisms.

14.03.2012 - the liquid Vitamin B12 supplement for sows

The new liquid special product SCHAUMANN SAUENFIT 1312 increases sow vitality during the perinatal period.

22.02.2012 - Special coordinated grass mixtures for forage cropping

Successful milk production is associated very closely with the growing of high quality for-age for the basic cow ration. Permanent pasture can be harvested for forage production, but also attractive is growing forage crops on arable land – and top production in this re-spect is available from the GREENSTAR forage mixtures from SCHAUMANN described here