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SCHAUMANN - A concept for breeding succes

The company’s aim is to maximise customer satisfaction in the livestock production supply chain.

Every customer should have a feeding concept that takes account of his individual farm circumstances and, using innovative and high-quality products, enables him to farm in an efficient, sustainable and economically viable manner.

Close integration between our in-house research unit, our own production technology and product-related advisory services forms the cornerstone of our corporate strategy.

Research & Development

‘Continuous dialogue between research and practice’ was a guiding principle that inspired SCHAUMANN to found its own research company, ISF GmbH.

Using multiple teams with different fields of expertise and exchanging ideas with leading institutes in a cross-project approach, ISF SCHAUMANN FORSCHUNG to develop new and innovative products. ISF’s facilities allow independent work in the laboratory and on the research farm. The results are fully-developed products geared to farmers’ needs in practice and incorporating the latest scientific research findings.


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Safe production geared to the customer’s needs

Because it has its own production plants at various locations in Europe, the company is able to guarantee high quality and flexible production in line with the customer’s needs. The extensive product range is produced in modern, efficient plants and is subject to strict quality management standards.


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High-quality expert advice

Every farm is unique. Identifying its individual requirements and coordinating them with the feeding guidelines in the SCHAUMANN Concept is an essential task of our sales staff. SCHAUMANN products are sold exclusively through our own employees and partners, who have in-depth specialist knowledge and a thorough understanding of our feeding concept. Advice on efficient product use and ration design is part of our range of services. For customers with particular requirements, we offer specialists who can provide ongoing management consultancy services.