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SCHAUMA STABIL - stable intestine health for higher performance in pig production

The R & D of Schaumann has developed a high efficient product for improvement and stabilization of intestine health. To use in situation of stress for piglets, sows and fattening pigs.

The new SCHAUMANN hygiene powder PROFIDRY drains humidity stables

The use of hygiene powder as litter in stables for poultry and pigs optimize the result of regular cleaning and disinfection measures. SCHAUMANN now developed the new hygiene powder PROFIDRY.

SCHAUMASIL Product Range: Organic acids for cereal preservation

The preservation of cereals with acids is a proven method to prevent moulds and bacteria from developing in feed mixes, moist cereal grains and CCM.

SCHAUMA OMNI-S – for the high-performance feeding of sows, piglets and boars

Salmon oil and lignocellulose as value-determining constituents, gelatinised wheat as a carrier, organic acids and antioxidants as stabilisers – the additives in this product guarantee high performance and profitability.

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